A holistic approach to a Client’s Energy, Water and Food Security needs in order to develop and deliver a multi-disciplinary, cost-effective and environmentally-responsible solution.


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There is no one solution that will solve all our energy, water and food security challenges. We need to integrate a series of small, incremental solutions which draw on a range of technologies.

Inkanyiso Sustainable Systems is about Integration. It’s about Sustainable Solutions. No single, isolated solution, but rather a series of small solutions integrated into a bigger, Super-Solution.

We take a holistic approach to a Client’s Energy, Water and Food Security needs in order to develop and deliver a multi-disciplinary, cost-effective and environmentally-responsible solution.

For ethical and expert advice, professional and efficient installations and an energy and water management plan you can be proud to leave to the next generation, speak to us.

This dynamic team brings an integration of vast and diverse skills aimed at the specific objective of bringing integrated and sustainable Water, Energy and Food solutions to the market that will have direct and indirect impacts on all social, economic and environmental facets of the human condition…

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Our Services

#1 Consulting, Audits & Integrated Solutions Design

ISS will undertake a free audit of your site including interviews with relevant personnel and an analysis of energy, water and food processes (utility consumption analysis).

Integration is a key objective of ISS, since the problems we face are as diverse as they are dire. It is becoming clear that singular efforts in any one area of society, only addresses symptoms. Isolated projects that address one issue at a time can often create a negative effect in another area that may not have been considered. We believe the solution should be as 3-dimensional as the problems we face. With a longer-term view, we believe the integration of socio-economic and environmental upliftment is paramount to making positive impacts for us all to enjoy a brighter future. Our integration strategy includes:

  • integrating short term demands into an overall long-term solution,
  • integrating sustainable energy, water and food security systems into your home or business as seamlessly as possible,
  • integrating socio-economic development with sustainable environmental projects & services,
  • integrating nicheor specialist service providers and products with our BBBEE objectives,
  • integrating our client-base to include both the public and private sectors in an over-arching strategy to maximise impact in critical areas of demand.
  • integrating sustainable solutions with end user long term monetary savings.

#2 Project Design, Management and Delivery (installations and quality management)

Inkanyiso Sustainable has the expertise to conceptualise, design and manage the implementation of projects from start to finish. From architecture to occupation, Inkanyiso Sustainable is able to provide the whole spectrum or discrete elements of the project cycle.

The company uses a comprehensive online project management application called projectims to price, plan and manage and report on projects in real-time. It also provides a virtual site environment to flag Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality issues, hold discussions between people on and off site, share site photographs and log attendance, visits and people and plant on site.

#3 BBBEE Enterprise Development and Employment Creation

Inkanyiso Sustainable has a policy of supporting Black Economic Empowerment, especially with respect to women, youth and the disabled. Our parent company, Inkanyiso Consulting is an Enterprise Development and Employment Creation services provider with a specialised focus on Black Economic Empowerment.  With a database of over 3,000 emerging enterprises, many of whom are electricians and plumbers with enormous potential value to the green economy.

We regard the Inkanyiso Consulting database and any other Black Empowered Small, Medium or Micro-Enterprises, as a priority group for installation and other green economy opportunities, whether as sub-contractors or invited tenderers to third party projects.

#4 Water and Electrical Monitoring and Verification Services

Inkanyiso Sustainable has access to an advanced, online water and electrical metering and reporting application, Theta Spark which is also able to display data to a real-time accuracy level of 30 minutes. We will identify which equipment, circuits or phases requiring monitoring, and deliver a metering solution which is able to generate a high resolution picture of site consumption prior to any interventions, whether savings or production oriented.

Once a base line of site consumption is thus established, the impact of any later interventions can be measured to a high degree of accuracy, thus enabling and further refinement and efficiencies. Not only will this yield direct financial gains in the form of savings, but rebate or subsidy opportunities requiring such verification may also be accessed as a result.